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And the just shall live by faith..Hab. 2:4

The thing you must remember today is that this life of faith is forever. Many of us call it the faith walk but it is the faith life. It is not like a cold where you just catch it and then some time later it is gone.  There will come a time where real believers realize that what they believe according to the word of God has become a part of who they are. They can’t forget it or let it go.

We understand that there is no turning back from believing and confessing the word of God. We embrace the truth that life as we knew it will never be the same and things can go only up and up.  We have NOW made the choice to live out the mandate God has placed on our lives as kingdom workers. We believe with our whole hearts in what the Holy Spirit in doing through us and what Jesus DID and still does for us at the right hand of t he Father. We believe in the love and goodness of our Heavenly Father.  We believe in the living and active power of the written word of God. We trust in the completion and totality of our redemption due to the work done at Calvary.

So then when chaos, confusion and all else comes against us we HOLD UNSWERINGLY to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful.

There is no more indecisiveness on whether THIS will work for us because we know now the work has already been done for us.

Be Blessed, Manie


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